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How to care for your glasses

  • Always clean your glasses with a microfibre cloth, and not on your clothing - as other materials can be abrasive. Pop in to our practice to say hello and grab a free Eyes On Broadway cloth! Find us here.

  • Wash your glasses once a week under lukewarm running water and a drop of washing up liquid. Dry with a soft cloth.

  • Only use sprays especially made for coated lenses to protect them, wiping your lenses when dry can scratch the lenses if there is any dirt or dust particles on the cloth.

  • Your cloth can go in the washing machine, but do not use any washing powder or conditioner.

  • Never expose your glasses to extreme heat. This can craze the coating - such as leaving it in the car on a very hot day, or opening the oven door and allowing hot air to come in contact with your glasses, or leaving them on or near a radiator.

  • Always keep your glasses in your case when you are not wearing them.

  • Do not wear glasses on your head, they will expand and loosen.

  • Using glasses chains can be very useful (and also very fashionable!), however beware of allowing your glasses to get squashed while you are wearing them around your neck. Check out the new spectacle chains we have in our store!

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