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The Eye Spa treatment

Try our brand new Eye Spa treatment, using Truviv technology! Our heated eye massager will help alleviate the feeling of dry eyes, and leave you feeling rejuvenated. The treatment also includes using Ophthalmologist approved anti-aging skin products, to help reduce puffy under eyes and dark circles! A brightening, and anti-aging solution for dry eyes. You will want to keep coming back for more! 

Do you suffer from Dry Eyes?

  • Are you using drops everyday?

  • Do your contact lenses make your eyes feel dry?

  • Do you work in an environment where the heating/air con is on full blast?

  • Are your eyes always feeling tired at the end of the day?

We actually all have dry eye syndrome to some capacity. Some people manifest this in different ways to others. Some are symptomatic, some aren't.

With the Dry eye treatments we offer at the Eye Spa treatment in our clinic, you will feel like you are in a spa treatment! Resulting in reduction of tired and dry feeling eyes.

Want to book this experience as a gift this Christmas, or try it out for yourself? 

Print or show us the voucher below in store to claim a 20% discount offer on our RRP of £39, or purchase it in our online shop, and get in touch to book yours

Please note that vouchers can be used to purchase up until 31st December 2022, and must redeemed by 31st March 2023.

Eye Spa Vouchers.png

Ask us for more details:

020 8883 2183

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