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Eyewear Styling Consultations

Do you hate shopping for glasses or have no idea where to start looking? Maybe you find it difficult because you can't see yourself without glasses on, so you find it difficulty to choose a pair that suit you. 

Choosing glasses should be an enjoyable experience, it's the fun part about visiting the Opticians.


If you have never considered glasses as an accessory before, then get ready for this experience to change your life! 


Our experts can help you find the best frame that will suit you as a person as well as your facial features and help you gain a look that is bound to turn heads!


Not only will you find the best frame you have ever had, the appointment will consider your lifestyle and activities to ensure you get the best lenses to suit your day to day needs.

Book a free eyewear styling appointment (worth £55) for a 5* personal shopping service in buying your next pair of glasses.