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Do you suffer from hearing loss? Feeling of fullness in the ears? Pain? Tinnitus? itching?

Who are we?

Muswell Hill clinic

Abid successfully completed the Audiological Science Masters Degree at the internationally renowned UCL Ear Institute & worked for the NHS at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital & Harley Street for many years before collaborating with Eyes On Broadway to provide his services in Muswell Hill. Abid provides hearing tests and microsuction of ear wax, as well as fitting a variety of high quality hearing aids.

Highgate clinic

Rosy, our Ear Care Technician is trained in Aural care and microsuction, using only the gold standard method of microsuction to remove wax and debris and offering hearing screening. Referrals to NHS audiology or our private in house Audiologist can be made for further assessments of hearing and fitting hearing aids if necessary.

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