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Visual Stress and Coloured Overlay assessment

Visual stress, also known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS), is very common symptom of Dyslexia but you may also not be Dyslexic and still have visual stress. You may experience headaches after reading for a certain period of time or find you cannot read for longer than a few minutes without feeling tired.


Some people or children, may describe certain symptoms such as:

  • Letters jumping off the page

  • The words on the page going in and out of focus

  • The words shaking or moving on the page

  • Headaches when reading

  • Finding a white page too bright to look at long enough to read.

  • Losing focus/ concentration when reading.


These symptoms can make the essential task of reading, very difficult and bothersome.
For a child, this may be the way they always see text, and would not recognise this as a problem. If your child has mentioned any of the above symptoms, or is having difficulty at school, your child may be suffering from visual stress.



What can we do?

Sometimes those with reading difficulties have weak eye coordination which makes focussing difficult. Karmelo may prescribe glasses or eye exercises to help with the two eyes working better together.

Sifa has a special interest in coloured overlays to help with rate of reading and can help find the most suitable option for you or your child.


Book an appointment to talk to us about how coloured overlays may help you today.

How text may appear without an overlay

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