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Applying treatments to your lenses will enhance optical performance, safety and appearance. Discover the advantages of different treatments and options to find out which best suits your lifestyle.


The everyday lens with enhanced driving performance
RECOMMENDED FOR: Those experiencing glare when on the road


Thanks to an innovative filtering technology SeeCoat Drive lenses reduce the blinding effect of glare when driving in the dark, while offering superior vision in the light, so that you can wear them throughout the day and night.


  • Reduces glare caused by oncoming headlights, street lights & other light sources

  • Superior day vision and complete protection

















Brightening your vision in any light conditions

RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception at night or in dim light conditions.

SeeCoat Bright gives a brighter colour perception and improved contrast to patients with less colour sensitivity.



  • Enhanced colour perception

  • Improved contrast

  • High contrast with a boost in low light situations


Blue light filter technology & full UV protection

RECOMMENDED FOR: Computer and digital device users and for those wanting an optimal UV protection

Nowadays, we spend more time using a wide variety of digital devices to work, learn and be entertained. Recent digital screens are often equipped with powerful light sources, such as LED. These digital screens emit intense blue light and can cause eye strain after long exposure. SeeCoat Blue Premium UV provides a solution to such stressful conditions.



  • Enhanced contrast when looking at digital screens

  • Filters out blue light

Four Key Benefits


High Contrast

Cuts blue light and optimises contrast


Scratch Resistant

2 times more scratch resistant, and longer lens durability







Dust Free

Avoids dust accumulation on the lens, reducing the frequency of lens cleaning














Smudge resistant

Easier to clean and keep clean

Learn More:

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