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Thank you for choosing us, we look forward to seeing you!

Here is how to prepare for your appointment and why we think you have made the best decision by coming to Eyes On Broadway!

Transform the experience of going to the Opticians

We bring you individual and exclusive eyewear from around the world, combined with a unique 'Eyewear Styling Consultation' with a professional, experienced, eyewear expert. You'll get more out of your eyewear than ever before. Style doesn't have to be overcomplicated. Sometimes it's as simple as a frame that fits you, suits your face shape and features, and a design that matches your individual sense of style.

Frames You'll Love Wearing

If you're looking for something different than what you find on the high street, then these frames are for you. Here you'll discover a new world of eyewear and choose a pair of glasses from a selection you won't see elsewhere.

Preparing for your appointment 

What to bring:

  • All of your current glasses - anything you still wear, prescription sunglasses/ everyday glasses/ separate reading glasses etc

We will service all of them for free, check the screws are intact and professionally clean them. We can also check the prescriptions in them are still what you need to function for different tasks.

  • A copy of your previous prescription if you have it and it's your first visit to Eyes On Broadway.

  • If you wear contact lenses, come in wearing them. Bring along any packaging if they have not been bought from us previously.

What to expect:

Our eye examinations can take 45 minutes - 1 hour, please make sure you have allocated plenty of time in your diary, please allow an additional 30-45 minutes for the eyewear styling experience if you would like to look at new eyewear. There is no obligation to buy, we would love for you to enjoy the experience of choosing the right eyewear for you. We believe we can deliver something you love! If not, that's also OK.

Why does our eye examination take 45 minutes?

There are fundamental tasks required for a complete eye exam.

1) Anterior eye (blepharitis/dry eye/corneal conditions/ UV damage).

2) Posterior Eye (retina/crystalline lens/macula).

3) Refraction - obtaining the correct prescription/s for distance, intermediate and near tasks)

4) Discussing your specific requirements for home/work for your vision and comfort and ascertain how to maximise vision through the glasses you have. 

Each of these are important in completing an eye exam thoroughly, we allocate plenty of time to leave us space for discussing your personal needs. You always come first.

How do we pick the right eyewear?

Our Dispensing Opticians have had specific training in eyewear styling, they are the experts! It can be a minefield when you see racks and racks of frames and don't know where to start. Our specialists can pick out a selection for you based on some lifestyle questions, and take into account the suitability of the frame for your facial measurements and prescription so all you do, is sit comfortably with a drink and try on the selected frames! This experience will be transformative!

*NEW* Easy Payments!!!!

We know it can be tricky to have an expense in one go, so we have made it even easier to pick the best eyewear with a super easy payment plan.

You can now pay only half up front, and split the rest of the balance into 6 or 12 monthly payments. No credit checks, no hoops to jump through! *Minimum spend £400*

Just ask our Eyewear Experts for details!




















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